28 October 2013

Deep Ellum Brewing Encourages "Rape Culture"

Deep Ellum Brewing Company bought a delivery van. The painted it with the image of their Dallas Blonde Ale, and their slogan "Goes Down Easy." They posted the picture on their Facebook page.

Someone got offended.

So of course, the offended person privately contacted the brewer, expressed their opinion calmly and quietly.

Nah! Just fucking with you. Genevieve Cato went full on ballistic on the blog Burnt Orange Report, "... shouldn't we expect more of our local Texas breweries than to rely on rape culture to sell their beer?"

If all double entendres are perpetuating the rape culture, shouldn't "Three's Company" have been banned by now?

There is a school of promotional thought that even bad news is good PR, and instead of calling the brewery and chatting with the owner, she put them on the National Stage, drawing more attention to something she found offensive.

John Reardon, owner of Deep Ellum Brewing, said in his blog post that he thought the little joke about oral sex was funny, and added that if you interpret it as Rape Culture that's your fault. "...if you somehow link all oral sex to violence against women, the problem might lay with you," he added.

Reardon will be removing the slogan from the van, but leaving it on the cans.

I'm glad I have a small audience. Imagine if Genevieve had run across the blog post about my last batch of Old MILFwaukee...

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