18 October 2013

Conflicting Messages

While flipping through my news feeds the other day, I came across two articles that seemed to contradict each other.

First, the New York Daily News calls beer the new wine, and even starts, "Stick a cork in it. Wine is done." Basically, the article argues that because of the popularity of 750 ml beers, and their higher prices, wine snobs are becoming beer snobs.  To wit:

“A 12-ounce bottle or a can has the stigma of being a cheaper beverage, and you might not want that on the table for a dinner you are paying a decent amount of money for,” says [John] Holl. (author of The American Craft Beer Cookbook: 155 Recipes from Your Favorite Brewpubs and Breweries) “But in a 22-ounce or 750-milliliter bottle, it changes the perception.”
Second, the Lighthouse Beer Festival has changed its name to Lighthouse Beer and Wine Festival. For the first time, patrons will be able to buy wine. To me, that suggests that wine is far from done.


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