08 October 2013

PicoBrew Zymatic - The First Fully Automatic All-Grain Beer Brewing Appliance

Bill Mitchell is a former Microsoft employee and homebrewer. Frustrated by the difficulty in getting recipes to turn out the same every time, he turned to his food processing engineer brother, Jim, and another Microsoft employee Avi Geiger, to create PicoBrew Zymatic.

Users browse a list of recipes online on their desktop computer or smartphone. Recipes are submitted to the site by users. They they weigh the grain into a plastic tray, add hops to special filters, and water to a small cornie keg (which transfers water back and forth into the device). In 3.5 hours, their brew is finished. (They can even monitor their PicoBrew from their smart phone.)  Add yeast to the cornie keg "refrigerate it for a week or so and the beer is ready," wrote Brier Dudley of the Seattle Times.

Look for PicoBrew Symatic on Kickstarter. The first machines will sell for $1300 and the second wave for $1500.


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