30 October 2014

Why Do Fruit Flies Love Beer?

Fruit flies love beer!

Actually, they love yeast aromas. That's why I sometimes find drowned fruit flies in my fermenter airlocks.

The fruit flies are attracted to the almost fruity aroma of yeast. Bioengineer Kevin Verstrepen published a paper in Cell Reports. In it, he demonstrated that if he turned off the yeast gene that produces the fruit smell, more fruit flies are attracted to the fruitier smelling yeast. They eat the yeast, and the yeast sticks to their legs. When the flies leave, they spread the yeast to other environments. After all, yeast don't have legs.


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28 October 2014

Coming Soon: City Acre Brewing in Houston

Well, soon  might be a relative term. City Acre Brewing won't be open until 2015. It will be at 3421 Folger Street, north of downtown off of U.S. Highway 59. They will serve their own beer, plus some other Texas craft beers, and serve food made from their garden.

Matt Schlabach and his wife Meredith Borders are the owners of City Acre Brewing. Mat has been brewing for over ten years, about as long as they've been dreaming of opening a brew pub.


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26 October 2014

Hops Make You Smart! That's Why I'm a Supergenius!

Oregon State University scientists have published a study that says the hop flavonoids xanthohumol might increase the cognitive functions of young mammals.

According to Modern Farmer, flavonoids are present in a lot of plants. And plants with a lot of flavonoids tend to be darker, like blueberries. Flavonoids in celery and artichokes might fight pancreatic cancer. Evidence suggests that flavonoids could also have anti-inflammatory properties and could help reduce blood pressure.

Xanthohumol fight a process called palmitoylation, which impairs memory functions in mammals.
Xanthohumol, this research indicates, might be able to reduce the way palmitoylation breaks down the connections between synapses in the brain, hence increasing memory capabilities and also increasing cognitive flexibility (the ability to think about multiple things at once).
 Of course, it would require 2000 liters of beer a day for there to be any effect in humans. DON'T feed your kids that much beer. That would be a bad thing.


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24 October 2014


Jester King Brewery and Live Oak Brewing company have joined forces to create Kollaborationsbiermittschechischemhopfenundwilderbakterienhefekombination, or Kollaborationsbier, for short.

Kollaborationsbiermittschechischemhopfenundwilderbakterienhefekombination literally means “collaboration beer with Czech hops, wild yeast, and bacteria” in German, according to the press
release. I will take their word for it and I'm sure there will be a pronunciation contest at some point.

The wort was produced at Live Oak Brewery in East Austin, and then trucked to the West Austin Jester King brewery, where that special Jester King blend of wild yeast and bacteria was added. It clocks in at 4.2% alcohol.

The beer will be available tonight at the tasting room, but not for long. There will only be 1000 bottles available.

Could I get someone to bring me one back to Paradise?  I have to work today and tomorrow.

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22 October 2014

Draught House 46th Anniversary - October 25

As if I needed to tell you, Draught House Pub and Brewery is at 4112 Medical Parkway in Austin.


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20 October 2014

Freetail Brewing Company's Production Brewery

Freetail Brewing Company's production brewery will be opening in a few weeks, and the San Antonio Current has teased us with information about the new brewery.

Located on South Presa, the brewery will produce three beers in cans (Bat Outta Helles, a German-style lager; Third Coast IPA; and a seasonal beer) and two in 22 ounce bottles (Witicus double witbier and Freetail Ale, which is a little stronger and hoppier than the version at the pub). There will be a tasting room, and it will be open Thursday and Friday, 4-9 p.m. and Saturday, 2-9 p.m.

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18 October 2014

Hops & Grain Brewery's Austin Craft Beer Weer Events.

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