14 October 2013

Farm Breweries in the News - Ranger Creek #8 Farm-to-Pint Brewery

In the Northeast, Farm Breweries are the new big thing. Farm breweries use local ingredients to make their beer. To be labeled a farm brewery in New York State, 20% of the ingredients must be produced in the state. Currently there are 14 Farm breweries, but they expect to see as many as 200 by the end of 2014.

In nearby Virginia, Blue Mountain Brewing is the only brewery in the state to be 10th best Farm-to Pint Brewery in America, as judged by FarmFlavor.com.

Our own Ranger Creek Brewing and Distilling clocked in at number eight!

Here in Paradise, we have a dozen different wineries on Wine Road 290, along with Garrison Brothers Distillery. It sure would be nice if there were a few farm breweries out there, too.


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