06 October 2010

The Satan Push - Stop 1 - Pecan Street Brewery, Johnson City (Under Construction)

I call Satan "Satan" because he says his friends' wives all say he's the devil—a horrible influence on their husbands.  When he's around, they say, their husbands drink more, stay out later and flirt with women of dubious virtue. Satan says that it's his friends' fault when they get in trouble with the wives. But I have a theory: Sometimes, when Satan comes up with an idea, before you know it, you think it's your idea and you're convincing him to go along with “your” plan.  I call it the Satan Push.

A couple of weeks ago, Satan decided he would take his birthday off and come down and drink beer, maybe visit  a couple of breweries.  By the time everything was arranged--Satan Push!--I felt bad that I had convinced him to take a vacation day to drive four and a half hours to get here, just so we could drink beer.

I set up a little tour of places I wanted to visit, and on Satan's Birthday, we headed out towards Austin to visit Jester King Brewery.  En route I decided to tempt Satan a bit, and swing by the site of the future Pecan Street Brewery.  No one was around, so Satan took a few pictures for his homebrew club's newsletter.

Meanwhile, I got a text from Jeff Stuffings, owner of Jester King, that said he was running late.  He told us to make ourselves at home while we wait.  Once Satan had enough photos, we headed for Dripping Springs.

Next Stop: Jester King


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