24 September 2010

Bugeater's Oatmeal Cookie Amber Update

The night before I added the turbinado sugar to the fermenter, I went over the procedure in my mind. "Invert the sugar by mixing the sugar in ratio of 3:1 by weight with water. Bring to a boil until sugar completely disolved. Add 1 tsp lemon juice and simmer until sugar solution turns clear."

As I reread the instructions, I realized I had it backwards. I had planned to add the sugar to 3 pints of water. Instead, the ration was the other way, and so I added 6 ounces of water to the sugar. I expected a huge mess, and a lot of swearing, but it went pretty well. I followed the recipe because, well, it was the recipe. Turns out, the acid in the lemon juice splits the sucrose molecules into glucose and fructose, which yeast can eat easier. (Who said chemistry wasn't fun? It is when it applies to beer!)

It only took a few minutes for the sugar to dissolve, and only a few minutes of simmering for the syrup to turn a clear, deep red. I pulled it off the heat, and let it cool to around 100°F and added it to my 74° fermenter. That raised the temperature of the beer to 76°. I pitched the yeast and relaxed.

Before adding the sugar, I took a gravity reading. The OG was 1.071, and the current gravity is 1.015, which gives me 7.5% abv. I wish I knew how to calculate the final gravity once I add the sugar. . .


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