20 September 2010

DFW Beercation Stop 3 - Lucky Lou's

Satan's friend picked us up at our hotel about 7 pm, and took us to Lucky Lou's in Downtown Denton. Denton, she explained (and from this point on she will be known as Temptress), was trying to promote itself as Austin North, and was trying to encourage the live music scene and the nightlife the way Austin does. Satan's Brother, not to be confused with Satan's Other Brother, also lives in Denton and told us that Denton is the place all the rich and famous go to turn themselves in because they can bail out faster. That explains the huge county jail and the large number of bail bondsmen in the area. So you know it's a party town!

Lucky Lou's isn't far from North Texas University, and is a definite college bar. The place was packed, and I would not be surprised to learn that we were the oldest people in the building. Satan drank Shiner Black, Temptress Shiner Bock, while I spent the rest of the night drinking Lagunitas IPA. The last time I'd seen Lagunitas IPA on tap was in Oakland! I have to admit, I didn't have big expectations, and the selection at Lucky Lou's easily surpassed them. We did have to show our IDs, despite the gray hairs and walkers we were using.

We found a booth and chatted. It was a fun conversation covering all the important topics: ex-spouses, parents, work and politics. We avoided religion. We were in a bar, for God's sake!

About 10 pm, I realized that I am very old. "I hit the wall," I told Satan. He twisted my arm up behind my back, over my shoulder and made me pat my own belly before ordering My Last Beer, Swear To God! We left the place about midnight, hit a Whataburger and went back to the hotel. Temptress graciously came to a complete stop before shoving us out, and roared off into the night.

I knew that I would be in rough shape, so I used the old standby hangover preventative: Alka-Seltzer Plus. And I still had another day to go!


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