22 September 2010

Aud's No Scufflin' Ale 2010 - Tasting Notes

I felt like a barleywine Thursday night. So after work, I watched the last of the The Big Bang Theory marathon with a bomber of Aud's No Scufflin' Ale 2010. This time, I followed the recipe in Brewing Classic Styles: 80 Winning Recipes Anyone Can Brewa bit more closely.

It's got a nice malt profile, but is still a bit sweet. And the hop bitterness is in the finish. I was hoping for a hoppier beer, but I am certainly not disappointed with it.

I contemplated the ways I could increase the hops and decrease the sweetness for a while. I opened another bottle and watched Ace of Cakes. After that, I decided sleep was necessary to give me time to further contemplate the issue.

The next morning I decided that for the next incarnation of this recipe, instead of 16.5 pounds of light malt extract, I'll use 5 pounds, and make up the difference with malt. I would mash at a low temperature, say 148° F to make a nice, fermentable wort.

(Yes, that bottle holds Aud's No Scufflin' Ale. I was too lazy to clean the label off the Old Ruffian bottle.)


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