21 September 2010

Spoke too soon - Jester King won't be at Oktoberfest

I spoke to Jeffrey Stuffings at Jester King Brewing Company yesterday. Due to technical difficulties, he will not have any beer ready to sell at Oktoberfest in Fredericksburg.

Well, damn.

Soo, we have asked the folks at Real Ale Brewing Company to bring their Gold Medal winning Rio Blanco Pale Ale to put on in place of Jester King, and we're waiting to hear back.

I'm disappointed, of course, but not too upset. I have been trying to get more Texas craft beer into Okotberfest, but logistically it is hard for smaller breweries without distributors to make it happen. Family issues or technical problems can rear up and FUBAR their plans. We'll have a few Texas beers this year, and hopefully we'll have twice as many next year.

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