02 October 2010

DFW Beercation Stop #5 - Gordon Biersch

The final stop on our beercation was Gordon Biersch at Park Lane, a massive live/work/play complex near downtown, which is a good hump from Rahr & Sons. Naturally, there was some construction. And, like every other time I have been to Dallas, I had to divert through Dealy Plaza where either Oswald, Casto, Hoffa, The Mob, Johnson, or aliens whacked JFK, depending on which conspiracy theory you believe. Apparently, JFK had some construction to deal with, the assassin/s knew it, and all they had to do was wait.
One of the founders of Gordon Biersch is Dan Gordon, a German-trained brewer who insists on authentic German beers in his restaurants. He a four time guest on The Brewing Network and I always enjoy it when he stops by. While Gordon Biersch beer has been sold in Texas in bottles for a while, the restaurants are a pretty new arrival. There are only two Gordon Biersch restaurants in Texas, both in the Metroplex.
Our server was Andrew, and, to give him credit, he did a good job explaining the beers to use. Satan and I refrained from mentioning that we were familiar with beer styles while he described the flavors we would be experiencing. When he got to the hefewiezen, though, he stumbled a bit. He assured us that there was no fruit or spices in the hefe, but said the flavor came from how they boiled the beer. Since our first rule of dining out is "Don't Be A Dick," (especially to people who will be handling your food) we smiled and nodded politely. We did not say that the flavors were the result of the yeast strain and fermentation temperatures. The dude was doing his job, and doing it well enough for civilians.
Satan and I both chose the Märzen, and dishes that had been prepared with it. I ordered a chicken in a Märzen sauce that was excellent. However, the heat of the brewery tour combined with the late night before was beginning to affect us. So instead of another pint, we headed back to the hotel for a nap before joining Satan's brother and family for dinner.
Next time, we plan to focus entirely on the Dallas area and hit the brewpubs and beer bars there. Paul Hightower has promised to hoist a pint or two with us next time we're in town.


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