04 October 2010

Flying Saucer - Austin

After picking up ingredients for Abbey Wiezen, I decided to have lunch at the Flying Saucer in Austin. I stopped in a bit after noon to find a pretty thin crowd. It's in one of those live/work/play places that seem to be all the rage.

I slipped into a booth and my future ex-wife came to the table. She was slim, blonde, and had a cute, pierced right eyebrow.  She was petite, with a wonderful smile, and looked really good in her short pleated skirt and tight t-shirt, the Flying Saucer uniform.  Best of all, she knew her beer. She brought be a (512) Brewing Company Double IPA, whose name eludes me at the moment. And, no, I did not take notes. (Update: It's called Two. Google is your friend.) It's a great beer, with a nice malty backbone, and nice piney hops.

After that, my future Ex suggested the Real Ale Lost Gold IPA, which I drank the rest of the meal.
In retrospect, I should have asked the Future Ex if I could snap a picture, for my furtive attempts to take a picture to send to Satan all turned out to be kind of "stalkery". Oh well, the relationship was doomed from the start.  She was no doubt the age of my nephew, and it's probably real creepy for a guy in his late forties to be drooling over someone have his age.  Especially if he's fat, and not at all rich.

I don't get over in that neighborhood too often anymore, so I don't expect I'll be back anytime soon. The Saucer in San Antonio is much closer. But it was nice to try some Austin beers.

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