28 September 2007

Mamma Mia Pizza Beer on the shelves soon

A few months ago, Tom Seefurth hit the news with his pizza flavored beer, made with Italian seasonings, tomatoes and garlic. For a while, Tom was in every newspaper. Despite the silence, though, Tom has been hard at work.

The Original Seefurth Family's Pizza Beer Co. has been incorporated and is actively looking for contract brewers to produce Mamma Mia Pizza Beer to sell in retail outlets.

But the story has more details about the brew itsel:

Seefurth said he and Athena made some significant changes in the original recipe, specifically, it has a lower alcohol content; it is more of an American light ale rather than the original French saison, and it is less sweet, he said, adding it finishes very dry, like a light beer.


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