14 September 2007

Dillon Dam Brewery, Dillon, CO

After Tommyknocker, I stopped by Dillon Dam Brewery en route to Vail. I had read about the chile beer, and couldn't resist a stop, even though I really wanted to get to my hotel.

It was 2 pm on a Thursday, and there were a few people at the bar. and a scattering of customers. I had a chile beer and a pretzel. The beer was cold and the pretzel was fresh out of the oven. Their beer mustard is tangy and delicious, but the pretzel didn't need it. It was crispy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside.

I had planned to detour a bit and hit Pug Ryan's in Dillon, Wolf Rock Brewing Company in Keystone, and Back Country Brewery in Frisco. But I had been up since 4 am, and was in need of a nap. I have more time. I'll make them.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

How was the chile beer? Was it like Cave Creek?

9:09 AM  
Blogger hiikeeba said...

Oops. Forgot that part, didn't I?

It was nothing like Cave Creek. There was very little heat--almost none. Instead, the chile flavored the beer like hops do. Instead of hops flavor, there was the fresh chile taste behind the dry malt flavor of the beer. Was it good?
Yeah. But I only had one. I don't think I would have enjoyed a second one, because of the of the odd flavors.

Everyone should try it, though!

10:44 AM  

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