10 September 2007

Kentucky Common

Well, on Monday August 27, I brewed another Kentucky Common Beer, hoping to correct a few errors in the last batch. The specifics are below, exported from QBrew.

Kentucky Common

Recipe Kentucky Common Style California Common Beer
Brewer Batch 5.00 gal

Recipe Characteristics
Recipe Gravity 1.048 OG Estimated FG 1.012 FG
Recipe Bitterness 33 IBU Alcohol by Volume 4.8%
Recipe Color 56° SRM Alcohol by Weight 3.8%

Quantity Grain Use
6.00 lb Amber malt extract extract
0.50 lb American black patent steeped
1.00 lb American chocolate malt steeped
1.00 lb Carafa III malt steeped
Quantity Hop Form Time
1.00 oz Cascade Pellet 5 minutes
Quantity Misc Notes
0.25 unit Anise Seed teaspoon in last 30 minutes of boil
1.00 unit Belgian Ale yeast package


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