08 September 2007

Introducing: Guinness Red!

Queenie, my co-worker from the UK, and who has the unfortunate lot in life to be married to my Honey Creek Brewery brewing partner, has always told me that Guinness is an old man's drink "back home." Naturally, this kind of image cause beer sales to fall. Guinness had been trying to lure younger drinkers with a variety of promotions, including a promotion with Northern Irish bread company Irwin's Bakery, to create Guinness bread.

On August 29, Guinness rolled out Guinness Red.

Guinness Red is made with the same raw ingredients as regular Guinness Draught but uses lightly roasted barley to give a different taste and colour. Simon Garnett, senior innovation manager for Guinness Red, said a three-month trial - in 141 Mitchells & Butlers pubs earlier this year - had shown that the "smoother sweeter taste" had recruited new drinkers to the Guinness brand.

I wonder what grains they are using?


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