06 February 2013

The Secret to Tender Beef? Beer!

神戸ビーフ, or Kobe Beef, comes from Wagyū cattle in Hyōgo Prefecture. It is known for it's marbling and tenderness, achieved through feeding the cattle beer and giving them daily massages. The yeast in beer aids digestion and helps break down the grass the cattle eat.  Kobe beef can only come from Japan, since it is a trademark of Kobe Beef Marketing and Distribution Promotion Association.  Much like Champagne and Kölsch beer.

With its popularity, American Ranchers have been producing Kobe-style beef using the same breed of cow, and the same Japanese herding techniques. Texas T Kobe ranch in Wallis, Texas, pours beer into the hay its Wagyū cows eat, and owner Gene Terry says that they prefer it over regular hay.

And what beer do they cows consume? Saint Arnold Endeavor! The beer was out dated and was exchanged for fresh product in the stores, so Saint Arnold owner Brock Wagner donated several hundred cases of the beer to the ranch.

Several hundred outdated cases of Endeavor in Houston?!

Send some out here to the Great Texas Craft Beer Desert™, for Pete's sake! I'll drink it old, because I can't get it here! Donate it to me!

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