20 January 2013

The Beer Bugout Bag

I'm going to a new pub in a few weeks, and I am putting together my blogging bag (aka Beer Bugout Bag™) in order to have the Ultimate Beer Geek Experience™. So what's in my bag?

First, a few pens and pencils. I'm going to need them

Second, one of my 33 Beers books.  It's a pocket sized book in which you can record your tasting notes for the beers you drink. If you don't have a lot to say.

If you don't like beer they have books for 33 Wines, chocolates, Whiskeys, Hot Sauces, Cigars Cheeses, and Coffees.

Third, a 9.5" x 6" spiral notebook, in the black, ballistic nylon cover I bought in College. It not only holds my 33 Beers book, and my pens, but also a few of my business cards. You never know when a hot chick will be impressed with a fat beer geek scribbling notes in two different places.

Fourth, my iPhone. Complete with Untappd (I'm Dirk_McLargeHuge, by the way.  Friend me.), so that I may photograph my beers and share them across the Internet.

Why carry all this stuff to a craft beer bar?

To look like a bigger geek than I am. The only way I could look geekier is to be describing the beer in  tlhIngan Hol, wearing a superhero t-shirt, typing my comments on a Linux laptop and my keys on a sonic screwdriver keychain.

Until now!

I could look the biggest beer geek ever with a BeerTone flip book.
Currently only available for preorder for Swiss beers, this would be the tool for the uberbeergeek. Each page gives minute details about a different beer, including brewer, beer name, color, alcohol content, and a bit about the beer style.

Can you imagine the girls this will attract?


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