28 January 2013

This is Almost Possible in Texas

A few years ago, someone asked me if someone did brewery tours, like there are winery tours here in Paradise. I replied that, at the time, there breweries were in different towns, and it would be a little difficult to have a sample in San Antionio, drive to Blanco for another sample, drive on to Austin to hit another one. However, now that there are so many breweries in Austin, someone with some money and some really good insurance could almost make a living doing a beer tour, like this one in Los Angeles.
The reason why I say this is "almost" possible, is that right now all the Austin breweries have tours that go on at about the same time.  To hit them all, you'd need one of these instead of a bus:
Also, most breweries don't have a dedicated tasting room, like the wineries, it would be a big PITA for a brewer to stop what they (It's not grammatically correct, I know, but at least it is gender neutral. And if you can use "athleticism", I can bend grammar.) are doing to do a quick tour and tasting. Once we can get Texas breweries on the same level playing field as the wineries, they could afford those tasting rooms, and regular tours would be possible.

Maybe someday, someone will take this idea and run with it.  I will only take a modest fee for the idea.


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