16 January 2013

Dawg Grog

If your picking up a six pack of beer at Boneyard Beer, in Bend, Oregon, make sure you read the label. Brewer Daniel Keeton not only makes Pale Ales, IPAs and wits, he also makes Dawg Grog, a beer for dogs.

No, this is not a repeat.

Of course, it is non-alcoholic. It's made with low sodium vegetable broth, water, spent grain from the brewery and "a glucosamine supplemental powder that includes ginger, cinnamon, flax seed, and honey". It can be served as a treat, poured over dry food, or even frozen into cubes to help a puppy's teething pains.

If you're not in Bend, you can order online (and get a nice looking t-shirt for yourself, too).  A six pack of 16 ounce plastic bottles will set you back $36, and a t-shirt $26.

Truly a bargain for any dog lover.

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