02 March 2011

The Indian Way To Get Rid Of Your Beer Belly

The Time of India talked to Celebrity fitness trainer Baqqar Nasser for ways to get rid of a beer belly.

He [Nassar, or Peggy, as he is known on the phone--sorry, couldn't resist] mentions the following exercises to trim Beer belly:

Exercise 1:
Lie down on your back. Try to lift your upper body to face the sky. Stay stationary for some time and return back to the original position. Gradually increase repetitions.

Exercise 2:
Hang yourself from a height. Lift up your legs, if this seems very difficult, try lifting up the knees. Begin with three repetitions and gradually increase them.

Exercise 3:
Lie on the floor on your chest. Lift up your body in a plank position, whilst resting your elbows and toes on the floor. Stay in this position for a while and return to original position. Gradually increase repetitions.
Dr Krishnan lists the following dietary precautions to get rid of the unhealthy pot belly:

- Avoid excessive eating.
- Avoid high calorie and high fat foods especially animal meat.
- Avoid foods made of refined products made up of maida and consume high-fibre foods.
- Avoid aerated drinks and sweets
- Eat small but frequent meals to help proper digestion.
- Leave a gap of two hours between your dinner and sleep time.
- Do not combine eating with other activities like reading or watching television.
- If you have digestive disorders or gastric problem consult a nutritionist to enhance your digestive system.


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