28 February 2011

"The Garrison Brothers Bottling Days Blues"

I may live at the edge of the Great Texas Beer Desertâ„¢, but that doesn't mean I don't get some perks.  For example, thanks to my good relations with the local liquor store, I was able to score two six packs of Divine Reserve 10, and the first two releases of Garrison Brothers whiskey, make in Hye, Texas.

A few weeks ago, Garrison Brothers put out a call for volunteers to help bottle their second official release.  The rate of pay was nothing, but they would feed you and give you a bottle of whiskey for your troubles.

Naturally, I signed Satan and myself up as volunteers immediately, then told him to ask for February 28 and March 1 off.

Satan's brother, who I shall call First Brother of Satan, jumped in shortly afterwards only to be told that all the slots were full.  Bummer.

Now, work has reared it's ugly head, and I can't go.. Bad news for me, good news for First Brother of Satan, who will now be replacing me.  :(

I have asked them to take photos when they get a chance.  But they will be working too hard, I'm sure, to think of poor little me, stuck at work while they get to smell whiskey all day.


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