17 February 2011

Not That There's Anything Wrong With That. . .

A Mexican brewery, Minerva brewery, has made a beer that "will initially be marketed to homosexual consumers in Mexico, Colombia and Japan."  The article says that Minerva believes that homosexuals have been snubbed by larger brewers.  The beers, Salamander and Purple Hand Beer are honey ales with labels that can be removed and worn as stickers promoting gay pride.

Um, okay, I guess.  I don't really think that big brewers are "snubbing" homosexuals.  I work in retail and as long as a person has a valid credit card, I will let him/her buy whatever they want, without regard to sexual orientation.  I'm sure the big brewers feel the same way.

But a peel and stick label?  Really?  That's what homosexuals want from their beer?  I suppose we should all be grateful it wasn't a "fruit" beer. . .


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