16 February 2011

Mark Your Calendar - Texas Beer Festival May 7

On May 7, you really need to head to the Humble Convention Center for the Texas Beer Festival. Still in the planning stages, the festival will celebrate Texas craft beer in particular, and craft beer in general. "We would like to see a strong support of our local brewers and national craft beer as opposed to blind control of beers sales controlled by mega-corporations that promote their beer through mass media coverage and contracts with grocery stores rather than any basis of sales based on flavor," they say on their website. They are hoping to get every craft beer available in the state there.

Unlike other beer festivals, you will have to pay with "coopuns" (for you Ron White fans), this means you don't have to rush to drink as much as you can in a short time frame. That's good for your liver and good for your criminal record. Their other reason? "The TABC has guns."

So mark your calendars and arrange for baby sitters. Only those 21 and older can get in. And, please, for the love of Ninkasi, please brush up on your beer festival etiquette.

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Anonymous Dean Brundage said...

We met the organizers a few weeks ago at the Houston G-man. Nice bunch. Happy to be a part of the festival.

8:58 PM  

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