14 February 2011

Pork Soda - Would You Even Try It?

Goose Island Brewery and Longman & Eagle have teamed up to produce a Belgian Double IPA (remind me to talk about this concept later) called Pork Soda. It doesn't contain pork, and isn't soda, so my question is: Would you even try it?


posted by hiikeeba at 06:59


Anonymous Bentwookie said...

Yes I would try it. The name wouldn't necessarily turn me off to trying something. Plus it is probably a reference to a early nineties Primus album called "Pork Soda". Sounds better than "Moose Drool" to me:)

10:28 AM  
Blogger hiikeeba said...

Good point about Moose Drool.

10:37 AM  

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