10 November 2010

Belgo-Wiezen and India Wit Kegging Day

On Halloween morning, I kegged Belgo-Wiezen (the beer formerly known as Abbey Wiezen, since I used Belgian Ale yeast instead of Abbey yeast) and Major Blankety-Blank's India Wit Ale.

I have to say that the beers were remarkably similar, considering the ingredients and yeasts used.  Belgo-Wiezen has a sweet malt note in the nose, a nice, grainy flavor, with a lingering hop bite, probably because I undershot my numbers.

The original gravity on Belgo-Wiezen was 1.051, and it finished at 1.006, giving me about 6% alcohol.  I don't think my critic will be too happy with this beer.  It still has a bit of citrus and spice in it, even though I didn't use anything but grain, water, hops and yeast.

I do like the citrusy hop finish.  It reminds me of beers from Freetail Brewing.

Major Blankety-Blank's India Wit as a strange citrus aroma.  I used orange and grapefruit zest, so the citrus aroma is a blend of the two.  I really couldn't separate one aroma from the other.  Flavor wise, I can't decide if the hops support the citrus or the other way around, but the hops are a nice addition to this one.

I find myself wondering if either of these will last until the National Homebrew Contest in March.  I may just bottle six of each, just in case.

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