30 October 2010

Mikkeller Texas Ranger

A couple of Saturday's ago, I went over to Kerrville and stopped in at Grape Juice.  I discovered Mikkeller Texas Ranger on tap and ordered it.  Here are my tasting notes that I recorded on my iPhone, because I left the notebook in the car.  D'oh!

Jet black opaque. Dark brown head

Some caramel notes with dark, sweet fruity smoke notes

Subtle sweetness with a little roast. Subtle heat comes through in the finish. As it fades, the hops and roast are left at the back of the tongue.

Like having a Old Rasputin with a plate of nachos.

posted by Jeff Holt at 11:38


Blogger assurbanipaul said...

Been appearing on taps all over DFW. One of the best pepper beers that I've had.

11:55 AM  
Blogger Jeffrey said...

I agree. The heat doesn't really come through until after the fourth of five swallow. I enjoyed it.

12:01 PM  
Blogger robertjm said...

Hmmmm.... Two of my favorite things! Old Rasputin and chili peppers. Hoping this makes it to the San Francisco Bay Area!!

1:48 AM  

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