02 November 2010

Beer Review - Saint Arnold Brown Ale

I've been craving brown ale for a few weeks, and finally gave in.  I bought a six pack of my favorite brown, Real Ale Brewhouse Brown, and a six pack of Saint Arnold Brown Ale.

Saint Arnold Brown Ale

Appearance (0-4):  Served in a Samuel Adams glass.  Pours up an slightly hazy brown color leaving a quarter in off white head.  4 points

Aroma/Bouquet (0-3): A blend of caramel and chocolate notes with a hint of roasted grain. 2 points

Taste: Hop/Malt Balance (0-4):  A little bland up front.  Some caramel malt sweetness.  2 points
Mouthfeel (0-3):  Medium bodied with good carbonation.  3 points
Aftertaste (0-3):  This beer is all about aftertaste.  The caramel and chocolate flavors blend on the back of my tongue, with a bit of hop bitterness finishing last.  3 points

Overall Impression (0-3):  Smooth, quaffable beer.  Nothing too overpowering.  Would like a little more flavor up front, but it finishes so well, that I can forgive it. 3 points

Total: 17 points

While reading the specs on this bad boy, I noticed that chocolate malt makes up only .5% of the grist of this beer.  Hmm.


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