04 November 2010

Phytophotodermatitis now known as Mexican Beer Dermatitis

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In the latest Archives of Dermatology, Dr. Scott L. Flugman has renamed phytophotodermatitis.  Phytophotodermatitis occurs when lime juice on the skin receives a lot of exposure to the sun; it turns the skin brown, and causes swelling and pain that can last for up to six months.

But Dr. Flugman, after witnessing how partiers in Mexico drink the beer, wrote:

"...[W]hen the beer bottle is inverted, the carbonation in the beer frequently causes a mixture of beer and lime juice to spray from the bottle despite the drinker's attempt to seal the bottle mouth with the thumb. This common drinking practice may result in lime juice being sprayed over a wide area of skin, especially in a patient who is shirtless by a beach or pool," he says in the article.
How do you avoid it?

Wash it off.


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