06 November 2010

Abbey (Belgo) Wiezen Update

On October 25, I attempted to keg the Abbey Wiezen. I should point out that I did not use Belgian Abbey yeast, but Belgian Ale yeast. It had a nice grapefruity aroma, and had dried out nicely. OG was 1.051 and the gravity on Monday was 1.006. I took a sip of the sample, and thought, "Not bad!"
I was just about to set up for kegging when another thought struck me: "Why not dry hop with Simcoe?" I had about 7g left from a previous recipe, and I had been wondering how to use it. So I sanitized a tea ball--a stainless steel mesh ball normally used when making tea--added the 7g of Simcoe and dropped it in.
I decided to let it dry hop for 5 days, just to see what would happen. Stay tuned.


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