16 June 2008

Vino's PIzza and Brew Pub in Little Rock

Satan and I stopped in en route to Cincinnati after 9 hours on the road. It's right off the loop and darned easy to find. It reminds me of places in Austin. Very laid back and casual. The walls are covered with art for sale. My favorite was a painting of Hitler dressed as a clown and doing a puppet show in a suburban backyard.

I had a pepperoni and mushroom calzone that was as big as my head. It was served with a piping hot dipping sauce. Satan had a Deluxe Sandwich. The beers were good, too. I had a wonderful hefeweiss.

The Rainbow Wheat was a bright, cloudy yellow with a dense white head that dissipated rapidly. I had been expecting an American wheat, and was surprised by the banana and clove aroma and flavor, which is less evident than in a German hefe, but perfect on a 96 degree day. It was little under-carbonated, but somehow that made the beer feel silky.

This would be my standard beer if I was a regular. Vino's is a great place. If I had been staying the night in Little Rock, I would have spent all evening! But we had to move on. We decided to push on until se got to Savannah, Tennessee, so we would be closer to Lynchburg.


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Blogger Bryon said...

Read your post on Vino's, just got back from a business trip to Little Rock, and boy are my arms tired. Read about you HERE

But I encourage you to read all about my trip to Little Rock here

6:27 PM  

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