15 June 2008

The Road to Cincinnati - NHC 2008 Prelude

This year's National Homebrewers Conference is in Cincinnati this year. Satan and I are going. We registered when gas was $3 a gallon. Now that gas is $4 a gallon, and will likely be $4.25 by the time we get on the road, I am beginning to freak out a little about paying for this trip.

Earlier in the year, I sat down and checked out the brewpubs along the way. I sent Satan the list, with a list of regional beers we should look for, and he suggested that I might be a bit anal about the trip.

If you attend NHC and see a fat guy with a graying goatee counting the money in his wallet, feel free to stop by and laugh at me.

But if we come home with a medal. . .

Argh! I jinxed us!

Anyway. . .

With the noticeable exception of a female character in a sarong, Satan and I are doing our best Hope and Crosby as we get on The Road to Cincinnati. I am leaving Fredericksburg today, and, after a brief visit to Eola, I will meet Satan at his parents' home near Coleman. From there, in the morning, we head to somewhere in the vicinity of Lynchburg, Tennessee. I will update on the road!


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