02 June 2008

BEER MONEY by Matthew Freeman

I recently received an email from Matthew Freeman. Matt is an Australian author and has written a mystery novel, Beer Money, with a beer background. So what's it about? According to the website, about 178 pages. {Rimshot} Here's Matt's description: "An Australian brewery executive has gone missing. Or has he? Joe Abbott is paid by the man's wife with a beer-sodden cheque to find out the truth. In doing so he locks horns with dodgy nightclub owners, a toupeed beer baron, and endless eccentrics - plus, of course, a wild pig - all in the twisted pursuit of a stash of missing money. And he has time for a beer or ten along the way.

I applaud anyone who has written a book and is marketing it themselves. And I have a few posts to fill before I start the series "Road to Cincinnati: NHC 2008." So head on over to the Beer Money website and buy a couple dozen copies.


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Blogger Dave v1.2 said...

Jeff - I forgot to mention to you that as my heart lies with home brewing, my family is vacating to south carolina through June, which means - no HBC for this guy :( Good luck on your journey, drink plenty of good beer, and shoot me an email if you'd like to get some info about the Cincy region!

(PS. You HAVE to go to Listermann's, as long as they are open (they are sponsoring a lot of the kegs for the dinners, event, etc.) www.listermann.com, i think.)

1:40 PM  
Blogger hiikeeba said...

Listerman's sounds like a good idea. I was hoping to meet you at the conference, but who wants to vacation in their own hometown? Enjoy South Carolina. Take it from me: If you go to Fort Sumpter, get there before 2:30!

2:23 PM  

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