26 May 2008

Happy Memorial Day

Satan came for a visit and I made him help me brew a smoked American Pale Ale. On Sunday we went to the national cemetery at Fort Sam Houston so he could visit the graves of a couple of guys from his unit in Afghanistan.

While you're grilling today, consider what beer to have along with it. William Brand's What's on Tap? column made some great suggestions: With a burger, choose a brown ale. An IPA might overpower the meat. But, if you added jalapeƱos or made steak with a spicy rub then an IPA compliments the spice nicely. With brats, choose a nice pilsner, like Pilsner Urquel or Czechvar. Dunkelweizen also goes well with a spicy steak.

What beer are you serving on Memorial Day?


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Blogger Dave v1.2 said...

Memorial Day was Christian Moerlein's OTR, a homebrewed Spiced Chai Milk Stout, and a can of Ten Fidy to cap off the night :P

12:18 AM  

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