18 June 2008

Makers Mark, New Albanian and Bluegrass Brewing

I have to say that I prefer the tour guides at Makers Mark to the Jack Daniels Tour guides. Tommy, in Lynchburg, was knowledgeable and funny, but Beckah at Makers Mark was much easier on the eyes. In fact, I only saw a few male employees. Most of the folks dealing with the customers were cute girls.

Makers Mark is a really nice tour. The setting is gorgeous, and the staff polite. The best part, is the tasting room at the end of the tour. They get you drunk then turn you loose in the gift shop. There's some marketing.

We left Loretto and headed to Louisville, where we stopped at New Albanian Brewing. I finally sampled a Kentucky Common. It was black and smooth. It had a licorice flavor with a sour finish, with some fruit flavors. I enjoyed it, but I won't need to make another one. I finished up with a 15B Porter. Good stuff, Maynard!

After some navigational difficulties, we stopped at Bluegrass Brewing Company. Another great place, though a bit more upscale. It has a huge bar, and some great beers. I recommend the Organic Alt. That was really good.

On to Cincinnati!


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