20 May 2008

Welton's Wild Cow Dunkelweiss Scores

I have always said this beer is our best. What started out as a weizenbock turned out to be, thanks to a miscommunication, a tasty dunkelweiss. It scored 32 out of 50 and placed third which advances to the next round.

The first judge thought it was a likable beer with some astringency, and thought it finished too bitter for the style. The second judge agreed and thought it also finished too dry and the body was a little low. He also thought the beer tasted "husky." Well, it is a wheat, for crying out loud!

I had the last one of my stash the night the results were posted. It was really good. It will be even better in a few weeks. It should do well. But I'm keeping the expectations low.

So we move on the Nationals, which means Satan and I have to sit through the awards presentation after the banquet on Saturday night. Last year we bailed. Out in California, meanwhile, Jamil Zanisheff, Mr. Malty himself, placed first with his dunkelweiss.

We're doomed.

My uncle asked us to save him a bottle, but it's all gone. We were storing the beer at the lab where Satan works. One of his coworkers asked if he could have some beer. Satan said he could have a six-pack. He took the whole half case we were saving for other competitions.

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