18 May 2008

Wit Willie Scores

I have to confess that while I like this beer, Satan's use of artificial flavoring bothers me. And I have made sure he knows it. He has told me to "Phuk Off" several times. At the Bluebonnet Brew-Off it scored 21 out of 50, with one judge saying the beer was soapy.

But at Nationals, Wit Willie scored 30.5 out of 50! Both judges found the beer to be overcarbonated and harsh on the tongue. The second judge thought the spices were weak, and needed to be set out for a while to "get all out of it."

Maybe the Bluebonnet got a bad bottle. . .

Edit: Once again, Satan has taken exception. I should have said "Satan's choice of artificial flavor bothers me. I don't believe using extracts to flavor beer is a bad thing. I do it myself. Satan used D-limonene, which, he informed me, was a food grade cleanser. I have also discovered that D-limonene is also used as an insecticide. If he hadn't told me it was a cleanser. . .

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