02 May 2008

Bluebonnet Brew-Off love for me!

Two weeks ago, Satan got his score sheets back for Bluebonnet Brew-Off. His Wit Willy got 25 points. Solidly mediocre. Brother Spuds Oatmeal Stout got 41 points.

My results?

Don't know. Haven't received them yet. I have sent four emails asking about my scores, but still have not received a reply.

I know I should have more patience. The contest ended on March 30, and I should expect a month to get the sheets back. But if Satan has his . . .

UPDATE: I just got back from the mailbox and my score sheets had arrived. My butterscotch Oktoberfest got a 23.5, and the Peppercorn Rye-Bock got a 27.5. Hmmm.


posted by Jeff Holt at 05:48


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