30 April 2008

Hookarm's Maibock Tasting Notes

I kegged the Maibock on February 28. Except for a taste test a couple of weeks ago, I have kept my mitts off this, waiting for May. According to BeerAdvocate.com, maibock style of beer tends to be lighter in color than other Bocks and a more significant hop character. The noticeable alcohol flavor is around the same as a traditional Bock, 5.7-8.0% abv. Maibock is customarily served in the spring and a crucial part of spring festivals and celebrations in the month of May, hence the name. My version hit 15 SRM, kind of a brown color with ruby highlights and a tan head. And I pushed the edges of the style with 35 IBUs. And my finished alcohol content was 6.15% abv.

This puppy has some serious malt backbone! And the hops cut through it to leave a nice bitter finish. I don't know why I haven't brewed this recipe more! It's a nice, easy, extract beer that has some nice flavor.


posted by Jeff Holt at 17:33


Blogger cohiba73 said...

Hi Jeff, I am think I might take a stab at your Maibock, what was your fermentation schedule like? Thanks! Manny in Midland

3:28 PM  
Blogger Jeffrey said...

Because I used Cry Havoc, which is supposed to be good as either an ale or a lager, I fermented as an ale. It stayed about 70F the whole time. (I know, I should stick to ales.)

3:36 PM  

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