08 May 2008

Excelsior Oktober Ale Scores

The Excelsior Oktoberfest Ale 23.5 out of 50 from the Bluebonnet Brew-Off Judges.

Frankly, I was stunned. Satan and I kind of figured the Oktoberfest was going to have problems. It tasted of butterscotch. Only one of the judges thought the beer thought the beer was estery. They both agreed that it wasn't an Oktoberfest. One said it was a nice dunkel. (?) They also said it was too dark and didn't have enough hops. One judge suggested it should havebeen entered as a Vienna style lager. The other said it was thin bodied and dry. Both said it was acrid.

It was a Charlie Papazian recipe so I used Cry Havoc. I am beginning to think that might be the problem. That yeast can work as an ale yeast and it can work as a lager yeast. As a result, it's not perfect for either.

I should stick with ales, and I should get a temp controlled conical fermenter.

I'm taking donations.

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