02 October 2007

Shiner Bohemian Black Lager

Lee, over at I Love Beer, recently posted about his current favorite beers. In the comments, I found this post:

If you can wait just a bit longer, you'll have another beer to add to this list. Shiner 97, which I seem to recall you liking, is coming back. Shiner's interpretation of schwarzbier was very popular as a limited-run anniversary beer and the Spoetzl brewery has decided to bring it back as a full-time addition to the Shiner family. It will now be called Shiner Bohemian Black Lager and will be available on tap in mid-October and in stores November 1. Eric Webber The Gambrinus Co.

It sounds like Anonymous, who responded negatively about my opinion of Shiner 98, is going to go on another crying jag. Sorry, dude (Or dudette. You didn't have enough courage to leave your name.), but apparently, other folks agreed with me about Shiner 97.

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