22 April 2014

The Horror!

I was drinking my Uinta XPA clone, thinking about how I had to write a post about how it tasted. I was pouring a pint, composing the opening in my head, when, suddenly, the tap began to spit furiously!

Out? No way! I thought.

I jiggled the keg.

Oh, Way. Definitely Way.

Okay. I still have some OPA left.

More spitting! Crap!

Now I'm down to two kegs, the undercabonated Rye Cream Ale, and the sour Blonde Ale.

I found a bottle of Pedernales Brewing Company Lobo Negro, and immediately went to my computer and order ingredients for two batches of beer.

I brewed one over the weekend, and I'll brew the other next weekend.

I still have Wake N Bake and Union Jack in fermenters. It will be a week until I keg the Stout, and another week until I keg the IPA. I should be able to keg Dirktastic the same day, and the other beer the week after that.

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