10 April 2014

Not My Favorite Brewing Kilt - A review

I was brewing an imperial stout over the weekend. In honor of the black beer, I wore my black  AmeriKilt.
I like the look of the kilt, but I have some issues. First, the pleats are only sewed on the front. My Utilikilt sews both sides of the pleats which means I don't have to iron a kilt.

Second, the pleats run all the same way. On my right, the sewed edge of the pleats face forward. On my left, the insides of the pleat face forward. Not a big deal, but it annoys me.

I like the sporran that came with the kilt, although the clasps are a bit difficult to operate for a phat phaq like me.

I got this thing a bit dirty while I was brewing, so I have to wash it again. The pleats will need to be ironed.  I am not looking forward to that.

What's your favorite kilt company? I'd like to add a few more to my collection.

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