30 March 2014

Fredericksburg Founders Day - Malt and Hops

I'm not the most outgoing person. I seldom go out by myself (though I have gotten better about that), and prefer to hang out at home with all my books and my TV. In a group, I prefer to skulk around the edges, avoiding the limelight. So when I was asked to give a short presentation on Fredericksburg historic breweries I hated that I said yes.

The Gillespie County Historical Society's theme this year is Malt & Hops, and will focus on the role of beer in the German culture. Rick Green, head brewer at Fredericksburg Brewing Company, and Lee Hereford of Pedernales Brewing Company will also be speaking, so I only have to focus on the three pre-Prohibition breweries.

Fortunately, it's only a ten minute presentation. Unfortunately, I could talk about the three breweries for thirty minutes, and another 30 minutes about the role of beer in German settlers' lives. So I'm working on the presentation. I will speak on May 10, around 7 pm.

I have learned something new that will go into the speech, and I will share it with you next time.


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Blogger Lara said...

Why on the first day of San Antonio beer week?!

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