14 March 2014

Learning About Water - Part 2

More from the Brewing Network's Brew Strong show.

Your water pH doesn't matter. It's all about Residual Alkalinity. It drives mash and beer pH. Residual Alkalinity is a "triangle" between your water alkalinity, water hardness and the grain bill's color.

Water profiles are a target, a snapshot in time. If your close on sulfate and chloride, you're okay. But use the residual alkalinity. It's not about the amounts of sulfate and chloride, it's about the ratio.

Add salts to the mash based on the amount of water in the mash tun. Salts will dissolve in the low pH of the mash.

This is the water report here in Paradise:

  • Calcium - 83 ppm
  • Magnesium - 39 ppm
  • Sodium - 41 ppm
  • Sulfate - 35 ppm
  • Chloride - 81 ppm
  • Bicarbonate (CaCO3) 364 ppm
So the RA of the water here is 282, according to the spreadsheet. And I should be brewing a lot of dark dark beers.

They did mention that diluting water with distilled water is okay. However, in the next show (notes to come), I should make sure the calcium is at 50 ppm.

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