24 March 2014

No Mission From God This Year

I call Satan "Satan" because he says his friends' wives all say he's the devil—a horrible influence on their husbands.  When he's around, they say, their husbands drink more, stay out later and associate with women of dubious virtue. Satan says that it's his friends' fault when they get in trouble. But I have a theory: Sometimes, when Satan comes up with an idea, before you know it, you think it's your idea and you're convincing him to go along with “your” plan.  I call it the Satan Push.

Satan has been doing some pushing lately, and we won't be going to NHC this year. As much as we'd like to go to Grand Rapids and mark Michigan off our list of visited states, we thought maybe a slower paced beercation was in order.

We're not quite sure what we're going to do. We'd like to go back to San Diego or Santa Rosa in California. We wouldn't mind a visit to Louisville and the worlds best appetizer: pork belly on a stick! Abita Springs, Louisiana and Athens, Georgia are pretty high on our list, too. But we'd really like to revist New Glarus, Wisconsin!

So, for now, that's our plan. We're planning a couple of days in Kansas City/Lawrence area. A couple of days in New Glarus/Madison. Maybe visiting Captain and Mrs. Carrot in northern Illinois, too.

Anyone have suggestions for other stops along the way?


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