26 March 2014

"Irresponsible" Labeling

The neo-prohibitionists are at it again.

Drinks Business writer Dan Fox got his panties in a bunch when he learned some craft breweries are coming up with suggestive names for their beers. He cited ten labels in his latest column to show just how craft brewers are trying to get people to binge drink, to get people to drink and drive, advertise the effects of alcohol, and seduce young children to drink.

If you call a beer a session beer, your are encouraging binge drinking, he argues, citing Founders All Day IPA. (However, he doesn't point out the car on the label as the Car shape on Sweetwater Brewing's Road Trip label. Granted, the name Road Trip is on the car shape. But if you're going to say crazy things, you might as well be consistent.)

If you use a star shaped Santa Claus as Lagunitas Sucks' label, you appeal to kids. Same thing with a teddy bear of Dog Fish Head's American Beauty label, or a non-moving "animated" character on the Rooty von Ginger label, or the Kewpie doll on Three Floyd's Broo Doo label, or the jack o'lantern on Flat Tire's Pumpkick.

He called out Bell's Hop Slam because the name and image (of a hop slammed into someone) describes the alcohol's affect on you.  (Apparently, in DanFoxLand hops=alcohol content.) He cited Left Hand's Wake Up Dead Imperial Stout, Boulevard's The Sixth Glass Quadrupel Ale, and the aforementioned Pumpkick label for the same thing.

His "Wag of the Finger" column somehow excluded Shock Top's cartoon character, but since he spent several articles praising Big Brewers restraint, it probably would have made him look insincere.

I don't know why he didn't include the All Day IPA car or the Sixth Glass face as cartoons appealing to children. Overkill, I guess.

Seriously, do any children buy beer? Can cartoons only appeal to children? Do the Zoloft cartoon ads or the Quilted Northern bears market to children? Do the Geico gekko commercials market to children? Does a cartoon automatically mean you are trying to appeal to children? If so, how do we stop insurance companies from enticing children to drive?


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Anonymous TheDarkSide said...

I like cartoons! All these pinheads are doing is giving attention to these beers...making me want to go out and been even more of them.

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