06 December 2013

Happy Repeal of Prohibition! Belated

When I first started this blog I decided to publish posts on even numbered days, mainly because I was afraid I would run out of content. That means that I occasionally miss important days in beer history. Like yesterday.

On December 5, 1933, Prohibition officially ended in the United States.

Prohibition had a couple of results that no one expected. First, many people decided not to obey the law. No government likes to govern when they know the people won't obey the laws.  Second, to fulfill the demand of all the scofflaws who wanted alcohol, organized crime began to accumulate a lot of money, giving them more influence than ever before.

The main reason to bring this up is to remind you that there are still Prohibitionists out there. They want to stop you from drinking. And smoking. And doing anything fun.


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