02 December 2013

DrainDead Brew Pub Coming to Deep Ellum in Dallas

According to CultureMap Dallas, a new brew pub is coming to Deep Ellum: BrainDead Brewpub.

Jeff Fryman (formerly of Common Table), Sam Wynne (owner of Fort Worth's Rodeo Goat and related to the family that owns Flying Saucer and Meddlesome Moth), and Drew Huerter (former brewmaster for  Schlafly and Deep Ellum Brewing Co.) have joined forces to create a new brew pub that will better "respond to the pulse of the community."

They plan to brew 12 beers of their own, and have 30 guest taps. The menu will be small so the restaurant can focus on beer. They will also sell growlers to go.

The brewing room will be behind glass (Because that's how the terrorists will attack us.  Don't get me started.) Huerter commented (and this is my favorite quote ever), "Sometimes I call it the fish-tank arrangement. Most of the patrons won't bother. But you can tell when you get a homebrewer — his nose is right up on the glass."

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