28 November 2013

First Cows, Now Turkeys?

I've about had it up to here [holding my hand horizontal in front of my eyes] with this crap.

Remember the story about Houston-area cows getting old Endeavour when I can't get any at all? Remember what kind of language I used?

Well, here we go again.

Joe Morette is a turkey farmer in New Hampshire. One hot July day in 1993, he and some co-workers were kicking back with a cold one after a long day. A turkey "accidentally" knocked on of the cans over and drank the beer.

It is surely one of the weirdest "light bulb moments" in history.

I suppose he ate that turkey and discovered that it made the turkey "fatter, more flavorful and jucier" than the one you can get from the grocery store. Now he pours beer into a watering trough and the turkeys drink it up.

PETA, of course, objects, but they object to everything.

There is no mention of what brand of beer, but if it's Endeavour, I will be seriously upset.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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